Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an authorized distributor?
NEI provides a vast array of products to meet the variety of needs of our customer's fleets. We buy only genuine parts from hundreds of vendors. All products are either obtained directly from the manufacturer or an authorized distributor.

What if parts I need are not in inventory?
NEI has access to over $1 million of parts inventory to ship same day and even more is available to ship the next day. If parts ordered are not in NEI's inventory then we obtain that part from the closest possible source at the lowest possible price.

What is your minimum order?
NEI has no minimum order.

How soon can you deliver?
If the part is in stock, we ship same day. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours except for those parts that have a lead time. Lead times vary based on what manufacturer distribution center the part is shipping from or if the item is on back order from the manufacturer.

How much will shipping cost?
Unless otherwise noted, NEI charges shipping separately from the items on the order. Shipping charges vary upon carrier and destination however NEI only charges the actual shipping cost and the cost of the box used or crate that is built. At request, NEI does its best to provide an estimated shipping cost.

Can I return parts?
NEI does accept part returns. Please see our Sales and Return Policy for more information.

What is the warranty?
Please see the warranty area of our site for detailed information regarding warranty.


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