NEI Warranty

NEI is committed to working with you to ensure that every product under manufacturer warranty performs to the manufacturer's specifications. If a part is found to be sub-standard, please contact NEI as soon as possible to arrange for a return and exchange of the part to be replaced.

Unless otherwise specified, manufacturer's warranties vary anywhere from 30 days to 1 year from the date of shipment, depending on the part and on the manufacturer. In addition to any other rights, NEI provides customers with the original manufacturer's warranty.

NEI does not offer any product warranty of its own. If you would like to know the specific warranty of a product before making a purchase, please call us toll free at 1-800-593-2117 or (423) 979-0109 between 8-5 Mon-Fri EST or you may e-mail to warranty@nei.net.

As a general guideline to the thousands of line items we supply, the following warranty coverage is considered the minimum:

OEM and aftermarket parts (non-electrical) - 12 Months
Example parts in this category: belts, hoses, alternators, steering and brake components, pumps, etc. For parts purchased for working stock, NEI will honor the warranty from the date of part installation, but not to exceed 18 months from the original date of purchase. With warranty claim, please provide original date of installation, date of failure, and the vehicle mileage at time of installation and time of failure.

Engines and Transmission - Complete Assemblies - 12 months/12,000 miles

Electrical Components - Manufacturer defect only
Example parts in this category: distributor cap, spark plugs, wiring harness, lighting components, etc.

Specialized / Military Specified Equipment
Most manufacturers of this type of equipment have a warranty period of 30 days however some parts are longer, depending on the manufacturer. Some of the parts on these vehicles are OEM and would have a warranty of anywhere from 90 days to 1 year.


Warranties are limited to the original price paid for the product. Neither NEI nor the manufacturer shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages including without limitation, indirect and special damages resulting from defects in the product. This warranty does not cover miscellaneous expenses for removal, installation, service, towing or down time, nor does it cover material, labor, or additional parts required for replacement or repair of damages caused by abuse (including fire or wreckage), misuse, neglect, or failure to follow manufacture's operating and /or installation instructions. If parts are used for racing or off-road use, they are warranted against manufacturer's defects only. Any part that, in our opinion, shows evidence of being used, modified or installed contrary to manufacturer's instructions will not be eligible for warranty or refund consideration.

If you have any general questions regarding our warranty policy or a question about a specific part number, please contact us.

Telephone: (423) 979-0109 or (800) 593-2117

Parts and Research Department: 211
Customer Service: 207
Fax: (423) 979-0106 or (800) 569-9456
E-mail: warranty@nei.net


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