EXPERIENCE - NEI has a tremendous amount of experience supplying automotive spare parts to military fleets but the experience does not end there. There is also a wealth of experience in the use of Information Technology especially as it relates to spare parts procurement and vehicle maintenance activities.

INNOVATION - Parts can be purchased from hundreds of suppliers. NEI's goal is to make it as easy as possible through the use of technology and superior customer service. This requires a never-ending process of innovation.

CREATING VALUE - NEI is a heavy user of information technology and it drives our business. We first went online with a web-based procurement system in 1996 and our systems have evolved ever since, taking us into directions we first envisioned. Investing profits back into the company and the combined talents of our people have enabled the company to offer a high level of service and continuously create customer value.

PROVEN - NEI's systems are in widespread use by military installations of the U.S. Armed Forces and vehicle maintenance contractors. NEI performs contracts and BPA's through these systems and we provide free web-based procurement in addition to the supply of spare parts.

INTEGRITY - Our systems have tools for government evaluators to conduct transparent audits any time. To help ensure integrity and satisfactory performance, we provide quality control tools to monitor delivery and pricing consistency in addition to a quality control process to ensure accurate fulfillment.

NEI offers three web-based systems for the procurement of spare parts and vehicle maintenance management. One is referred to simply by its location or web address known as NEI.net. Another is named PATS (Parts Acquisition and Tracking System). PATS is NEI's latest development and is currently being tested at several Air Force Installations before a full and complete launch. The third is a customized program for ICOPARS.

FOCUS ON YOUR MISSION - We offer no canned solutions. All of our systems have been co-developed with our customers. The parts purchasing process in our systems match our customer's internal processes. More than just a parts provider, NEI provides a valuable service and integrated solution that helps to deliver parts to customers quickly at the lowest possible cost. We have witnessed our company's performance actually having an impact on many of our customer's careers and opportunities. Our service reduces the amount of paperwork and attention needed for parts purchasing and allows for the customer to focus on their overall mission which is to maintain vehicles.

Looking forward, NEI continues to seek innovative ways to help customers fulfill their mission.


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